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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Remotely access a Mac

So you want to remotely access a Mac like remote desktop in Windows. It is actually quite easy. Let's call the Mac you want to access Mac_One. First you need to turn on VNC server on Mac_One by going to System Preferences - Sharing, tick screen sharing.

This is all your need to do on Mac_One. Now you just need a VNC client on the remote machine to access Mac_One by its IP address. Note that if Mac_One is behind a NAT router, and you want to reach it from over the internet, you will need to set up port forwarding on the router to forward incoming VNC traffic on port 5900 to Mac_One.

If you are using another Mac to access Mac_One, Mac OS has a build-in VNC client named Screen Sharing. You can open it directly by going to Spotlight and type the name, or you can use Safari, and type "vnc://[Mac_One_IP_Address]" on the address bar. Safari will then open the application for you. There is one extra thing great about this VNC client - you can access Mac_One by its Apple ID instead of its IP address!

Yes, you hear me right, you can use Apple ID. Unlike using IP address, even if Mac_One is behind a NAT router, you don't need to set up port forwarding, and it will just work out of the box. But the downside is there should be someone in front of Mac_One, because there will pop up a dialog box asking to grant the access...

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016年底去 Yosemite 的感想





Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fleabag the TV mini series

It's funny on the outside, but depressing at the core.

You make terrible mistakes. You don't want to, but you cannot help it. Lack of self control drowns you in the swirl of misery. You are helpless. The entire world seems to have turned its back on you - yet, you deserve it. You arm yourself with sarcastic funny wits as if you don't care, but you know you do; you know how much you want to make terms and lift yourself up.

But you are trapped in this no man's land. No light in sight.

Lonely. It is fucking lonely.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Why has I not started writing yet?

I have had this idea for a long time. On and off.

I understand it is a good thing. It helps me to organize my thoughts, to think deeply, and to propel me to take interest in various things, and to observe. It is more or less like a portal that connects my minds to the world.

But then why has I not made writing a part of life yet?

It is an old issue of mine. I think too much, but act much less. Or I act for a while, then I gradually let it slip away.

I have tried various methods. To-do list. Motto on the desk. All failed.

The crux seems to be that there is no ongoing motivation to keep me going. So my dedication dwindles away overtime.

It not only applies to writing, but many other things. Such as guitar, taichi, etc.

To address the issue, I need to know how exactly I should get myself motivated. And luckily, I know how.

I am actually a people person - this may come as a surprise to many who know me - but you hear me right. I care a great deal about my interactions with others.

Just imagine, if I had a group of friends who are into writing, and we regularly discuss or critique each other's work, I would certainly go further than I could have on my own.

I like to have such group of friends, who would certainly serve as my motivation. And doing things like this rather than gathering for meals is actually much more appealing to me.

Sadly I don't have these friends, yet. But fear not. I can make this a conscious goal - to make like-minded friends.

Asides, I can show my work to existing friends and hear their opinions, instead of keeping everything to my own.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Watch movies from these directors: Nolan, 王家卫,杨庆,忻钰坤

Search for short animated films, such as "Zeinek Gehiago Iraun".

Listen to New Age: Ki
taro, Karunesh
Listen to the following singers: James Blunt, Damien Rice, Adele


Read novels from Dan Brown

Monday, August 1, 2016



这天女人在外头办事,远远的看到一对夫妇过来。那男的,不就是前夫么?真没想到,不过几年过去,他变了好多。胖了。现任的妻子(或是女朋友)不知道在数落他什么,他不回嘴,脸上堆着讨好的笑 —— 从前哪,他哪里会这个样子!

那男的不经意抬起头,也看到女人。脸上一时挂不住,转开眼去,想装住不认识,但又觉得此地无银,何必呢,都过去好些年了 —— 又看了过来。眼角瞅着妻子一个不留意,悄悄地冲她点点头。女人也微微示意,就不再理他,埋下头做自己的事 —— 做什么事呢?心里微澜,好一会儿才平息了下来。


女人看着他的背影,心里百感交集。后悔么?后悔当初离婚么?倒是没有。要是没离婚,指不定他现在啥样呢!只是这人哪,人生哪,透过时光的甬道,总叫人唏嘘 —— 没什么道理。

Arises, and passes away

Everything arises, and passes away.



If there is anything that I should keep in mind during meditation and any moment in daily life, this would be it.

Observe the nature of law through one's own experience.

Watch the body sensations arises, and passes away.

Watch the mental feelings arises, and passes away.

Stay detached to whatever sensations or feelings. Stay in the present in this moment. Look beyond this I, my, mine.

May all beings be happy.